ACRI Planning Massive Tel Aviv March to Mark International Human Rights Week

The Association of Civil Rights in Israel is planning a march for human rights in Tel Aviv on Friday, December 11.

The march is scheduled to coincide with international human rights week, which starts December 10.

This would be the first such event in Israel, the organization told Haaretz. Previous rallies, marches and protests all were held in the name of specific group interests, they said.

"Our motivation for organizing such an event is the feeling that the accumulation of human rights violations against various groups has reached the point that it is necessary to fight together, not separately," the association's CEO, Hagai Elad, told Haaretz.

The march will start at Rabin Square at 11 A.M., move south on Ibn Gvirol, turn onto Shaul Hamelech and end at a mass rally in front of the Tel Aviv Museum.

The speakers at the rally have not been finalized yet.

Under the banner "No Way!" the organizers are hoping to draw as many people as possible from various groups, including members of the gay community, foreign workers, refugees, Palestinians and Arab Israelis.

"It is very important for us to emphasize the violations of human rights of each community separately, but also show it is our common struggle as human beings," Elad said.

Some of the groups will be difficult to bring to the event, but the organizers are aspiring to have as many groups as possible participate, he said.

"It is the first such attempt of its kind, for both the human rights community in Israel and also for our association. This is part of our belief that it is not enough to have victories in court; we also need to have victories in the street," Elad added.

The march has still not received police and municipal approval, but organizers said they did not expect problems.