Acre Mayor Recovering After Assassination Attempt

Mayor Shimon Lankri was shot in the chest Friday night by an unknown masked assailant when he stopped at a traffic light while driving his car at around 1.30 A.M.

The condition of Acre Mayor Shimon Lankri, who was shot in the chest Friday night by an unknown masked assailant, has improved.

He was driving on Route 70 in the Western Galilee and shot when he stopped at a traffic light at about 1:30 A.M.

He is now in a fair to moderate condition, said a spokesperson for the Western Galilee Hospital in Nahariya, where he is hospitalized.

The Northern District police are continuing their investigation. No one has been arrested, though a number of people have been questioned over the shooting.

Police said they are investing several possible motives.

A number of other senior Acre municipal officials who have made controversial decisions have now received police protection - even though they have not complained to the police.

Lankri had had attended a bat mitzvah party of two daughters of a city council member at the Palm Beach Hotel in Acre. After the party Lankri drove to Kfar Yasif to visit friends.

According to a preliminary police investigation, a man wearing a mask approached the driver's side of the mayor's car while it was stopped at a traffic light at the Julis-Yirka junction, and shot him once through the windscreen. The man then fled on foot.

Interior Minister Gideon Sa'ar condemned the incident after visiting Lankri in hospital.

"The assassination attempt is a grave incident which is part of a recent pattern of violence against local officials. We need to think hard and learn lessons in order to fight this phenomenon of physical threats on public servants."