Abutbul Nabbed for Attempt to Kill Wife and Son

Lucien Pinhas Tevel is a brother of Charlie and Felix Abutbul; yesterday the Hadera Magistrate's Court extended Tevel's detention by another six days.

A man in the reputed organized crime family the Abutbuls was arrested late Monday on suspicion of attempting to kill his own wife and son. The incident is said to have occurred at the home of the suspect's mother-in-law. The suspect, Lucien Pinhas Tevel, was taken into custody at the scene.

Yesterday the Hadera Magistrate's Court extended Tevel's detention by another six days. Their last names are different, but Tevel is a brother of Charlie and Felix Abutbul.

Lucien Pinhas Tevel - Alon Ron
Alon Ron

Tevel, 65, lives in Netanya. According to the allegations, he arrived at his mother-in-law's Binyamina home where his wife, Kohava, 46, was staying. The two are separated. Tevel allegedly showed up to kill his wife and his son Charlie, who is about 30.

Tevel is said to have arrived carrying a stolen and loaded gun. Shortly after he got to the home, neighbors and family members alerted the police, who are said to have seen Tevel throw away the weapon. They took him into custody, and when searching his car, found a substance suspected to be drugs.

Police say Tevel is also suspected of trying to kill members of his family two months ago, but his gun jammed. The relatives chose not to file a complaint.

The police say Tevel is refusing to cooperate with investigators, but they expect the probe's findings to be concluded quickly, when the file will be sent to the prosecutor's office for a decision on whether to indict for attempted murder.

At the court hearing yesterday in Hadera, Tevel's lawyer suggested that his client may have been the victim of an attempted ambush by members of the criminal underworld. The attorney suggested that the fingerprints on the gun be examined because the weapon may not be Tevel's.

Tevel's mother-in-law told Haaretz that Tevel did not wish to live with his children and wanted his wife to take them. She said the incident started over a quarrel, and Tevel then left the house.

Neighbors of the mother-in-law in Binyamina said she is a long-time resident. They called Tevel's wife a good housekeeper and devoted mother of her five children.

"They are modest, simple people," a neighbor said. "It's not nice, the poor woman. The mother is looking after the daughter and the grandchildren."

Charlie Tevel, the suspects's son, began serving a prison sentence yesterday on a drug conviction.