A show of force in the courtroom

The arraignment courtroom at Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court was crowded to overflow yesterday, and many friends of the suspect, Shalom Yemini, some of them well-known criminals, came to show their support for him. Among them, for example, was Eitan Haya, who spent many years in prison in the United States for drug trafficking. A few years ago he returned to Israel and was interrogated on suspicion of having sent hit-men to murder criminals with whom he had collaborated in the States, but he was released.

Another friend who came to buoy Yemini's spirits was Shai Shirazi, son of Rico Shirazi, who is said to be the capo of a crime organization in the Sharon area. Shai Shirazi was arrested about a year ago on suspicion of involvement in a double murder at a club in Tel Aviv, in which security guard Saguy Or and Rafael Ronen were murdered; he was released for lack of evidence.

The Musli family, a crime organization from the Hatikvah neighborhood of Tel Aviv that gives the police many sleepless nights, also occupied space in the courtroom. Heading the organization is Yossi Musli, who is believed to engage in money laundering, according to the police. The family constitutes a major target of the Central Unit of the Tel Aviv police. Yossi's father, Nissim Musli, is suspected of having run an illegal gambling operation in the area of the Hatikvah neighborhood. ()