A Good Word About Sharon

I should say a good word about Ariel Sharon? It's hard to believe, but one regrets good words retroactively more than bad words. I'll certainly yet regret this.

I should say a good word about Ariel Sharon? It's hard to believe, but one regrets good words retroactively more than bad words. I'll certainly yet regret this.

No, it's not for the disengagement from Gaza that I have come to praise him, since it may have been disengagement for the purpose of engagement, judging by the constant expansion of the illegal outposts in the West Bank and the route of the separation fence.

Sharon should be praised for his actions to smash the Likud Central Committee, which over the years had become Public Enemy No. 1 in this country. Once again it takes that lawless man to smash things of his own making: after all, Sharon is the very creator, and the Likud Central Committee is the golem, and that golem served him loyally for many years until it rose up against him. It's the prime minister's way, first to build and then to destroy.

Twice he has cut off settlements, which are his darling daughters. Once in Yamit, and once in Gaza, and there, too, not a shred remains of what once was. "The bulldozer" builds and destroys, establishes and brings down, always with the same degree of enthusiasm, and thus he sends to hell tens of billions of dollars and the lives of tens of thousands of human beings.

And now, thank God, he brings his heavy hand against the Likud Central Committee, to destroy it.

There's no doubt that there are honest people in the Likud Central Committee: Moshe Arens and Dov Shilansky, for example, and they are not alone there. But that institution is a collection of spreading pus and abscess; gangrene has reached the entire body, and not just the body of the Likud, but the state, which the Likud rules. If the infected organ was not amputated, it would have ruined everything.

All it takes is the scene of the central committee members gathered in the corridors of power, jumping on ministers and MKs, shaking them down and threatening them, to understand who rules here. None of this bothered Sharon as long as the rabble did what he wanted. It's not out of ethics and the public welfare that he has opened the abscess and drained the puss. He is doing it because the golem has run amok, and all his efforts to take control over it failed. Whatever his motives, they weren't about public hygiene.

It's not merely bad manners and mob behavior, but rather a Mafioso approach toward elected officials who can be blown about like leaves out of fear of the central committee members getting hold of them. There are known cases of members "from the field" getting to lobby high ranking officials, for cash. There are even known cases of central committee members asking for payment from interested parties, so that the committee member would arrange a meeting with ministers in their offices. The "powerful people" of the Likud are usually those who are more addicted to their "friends" - addicted, they sold out, sold jobs and other benefits.

And they also sold precious time: when could the ministers work, let alone think, if every day, every night, they were forced to spend their time at weddings and bar mitzvas and circumcisions and not only of Likud Central Committee members, but their relatives, as well. Sometimes, several times a week, the minister and MK found themselves dancing at two weddings, at least one godfather ceremony and another event marking some family ritual. One can say for sure that our ministers and MKs, as they say in the ruling party, spent so much time cruising in their limos from one end of the country to the other, never had time to think about the fate of the nation.

When they didn't meet face to face, they were still there, in the minds of the meek governors who could see the central committee men everywhere they looked. The ministers and MKs only related to the central committee and its members, and what they wanted. Decisions about the anthem and the flag and the symbol, when to stand at attention and when to stand at ease, a memorial day for Rehavam Ze'evi and a day for Jonathan Polllard would not ever have been passed if not for the central committee men being present even when they are absent. The entire world's a puppet theater, and all the players marionettes, and everyone knows who pulls the strings.

Sharon is disengaging them now, and setting the puppets free. Now they will have to be the sycophants of one person and not more than 3,000, which is impossible and certainly not human. After all, how much ass kissing can one do? How many ass kissers did Gideon Ben Yoash find when he headed off to save Israel from the Midianites? Only 300. But that was enough to defeat the Midianites, who had spread like locusts upon the land, ruining its harvests and leaving nothing to live on in Israel.