A Different War

Now, after the south has already done so, the north has also been told to give.

Now, after the south has already done so, the north has also been told to give. This is liable to happen when the start code is known but the stop code has been forgotten.

On the first day of the war, it was written here, "If only this time, for a change, we will also know when to stop." Go talk to the wall, which is a wall from wall to wall. This isn't the first rolling war that has cut the connection between the leap and the look before the leap, if there was any.

In his testimony to the Winograd Committee, Maj. Gen. (Res.) Amos Malka said, "The concept of 'sufficient achievement' doesn't exist, the search is for the ultimate achievement that pulls ahead. Generals usually do not recommend ending the fighting. It is hard to imagine a general who is currently in the midst of fighting recommending that the political echelon stops."

And the political echelon will not stop, lest it be suspected of defeatism, lest the predicted election results stop soaring. They only forget, the politicians, that at the first sharp turn public opinion reverses and crushes.

The Gaza War is different from its predecessors. It is a war for recovery from complexes and mental blocks. After it, we will feel ever so much better, no matter what its results. It wasn't the fighters who failed in the past, nor was it the weaponry. Jewish morality was to our detriment, and weakened us. No more. In this therapeutic war of eye-rolling, when the neo-Palmachniks want to shoot, they shoot.

Israel is at long last letting go of the cognitive dissonance that has deranged it since the day it was founded. This is a kind of psychological disorder that derives from a painful conflict between self-image and actual behavior, and disrupts internal balance. The war in Gaza is resolving this: We have consciously decided to relinquish our inborn moral supremacy.

It is also weaning us, this war, from the common and unnecessary custom of expressing regret at the deaths of women and children. Five Kfar Qanas will not block righteous people like us in our mowing, which is crushing and softening the straw and making hay.

We are darkening the world of a million and a half human beings and destroying it. We are dropping featherweight notices and a ton of a bomb. When a family flees from the missile on a school or mosque, and the mortar shell has hit an ambulance, the bomb crushes their home.

In Gaza they are digging graves these days for small sizes too, this is the latest fashion there. The begetter of all this will no longer boast of the-most- moral-army-in-the-world; let us be grateful for having rid ourselves of the burden of this superlative.

And we haven't rid ourselves of the old hands, who were once generals in the Israel Defense Forces and are now in constant motion filling the buckets with oil to pour on the flames. And we haven't rid ourselves of the television channels which have become the drip, drip, dripping gutter of the country's blood, as though it were rain. Nor have we rid ourselves of the commenting commentators, who at first demand crushing and smashing, slashing and burning, and later demand a "humanitarian action" as a fitting complement to the military action.

An empathizer embarks on another "just and justified" war and he wonders whether it was more justified than the previous one or the other way around. He embarked on the first war in order to prevent the second, and the second in order to prevent the third and so on, ad infinitum. Who's counting which number war this is for him, and who knows what number he is for it; and always death shall have dominion.