97-year-old Kibbutznik Reveals Secret Arms Cache

Only three people at Kibbutz Ein Hashofet in the Ramot Menashe region knew where on their kibbutz illegal arms were hidden from the British in the early 1940s.

Now, the one surviving partner has decided to reveal the secret. Berl Keren built the arms caches on the kibbutz, established in 1937 near Juara, where the pre-state underground Hagana held its commanders courses. In his memoirs, he had told of the existence of another cache, whose remains can be seen near the kibbutz museum. But only recently did Keren reveal the presence of a second secret cache.

The weapons were hidden four meters under the floor of the old barn, which later become a poultry hatchery, and finally, the kibbutz fitness room. The arms were buried inside a three-meter-square space, within large iron pipes. The doors of the cache have already been opened and the pipes have been unearthed. This morning police sappers are scheduled to open the pipes and examine their contents.