7-year-old Boy Crushed to Death by Cupboard

A 7-year-old boy was killed yesterday when a cupboard fell and crushed him while he was playing with his brothers in their Haifa home.

The boy's body will be sent to the Forensic Institute at Abu Kabir for an autopsy and police are investigating the cause of death; they suspect negligence.

The boy's family had immigrated from Ethiopia. Yesterday he was playing with his three brothers and sister in their apartment on Giborim street, while their parents were away at work.

"Apparently it's an old, unstable cupboard. The child moved it or tried getting things out of it and then the cupboard fell and crushed him," Haifa police commander David Ben Atiya said.

The child's brothers heard the bang and rant into the room.

"They saw the cupboard but did not recognize their brother. They called the neighbors who called police and rescue teams," he said.

An official from the city's social services said the children's parents did not send them to summer school for fear they would injure themselves there.

Relatives, neighbors and friends comforted the mourning family yesterday.