The 7 Weirdest Christmas Ornaments

Some ideas for that mixed-marriage family wondering how to decorate The Tree.

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Some families have it all – a house with picket fence, a dog, a car or two and also, multiple religions. Intermarriage has been ramping up for decades and holiday times can be fraught.  Instead of reenacting D-Day as year-end rolls round, some search for a happy middle ground – a Christmas tree, gorgeously decorated with ornaments from neutral spheres less likely to offend, such as unicorns and rainbows, sparkly sunflowers - or blood-filled booties? Here are some of the more original ideas out there.

The lumberjack merman for the perfect Christmas tree.

Edward the Christmas vampire

Better be careful who you invite to enter.

Christmas stocking blood bags

Okay, you blew it and let Edward the Christmas vampire in. You can stock up on refreshments:

Insane Cyborg Skull tree

Nuts to you too

Zombie Claus

Been a bad boy? I will eat your brain!

Evil alien Santa

If the zombie Santa didn't terrify the kids into silence, this might do the trick

Friday the 13thday

Still nothing? Kids wrecking the joint? Maybe Freddy on the tree will get them back to their rooms. For good!

Bloody christmas stockings. Photo: screenshot

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