3 Young Suspects Reenact Killing of Rehovot Teenager

Only a few hours after the killing, the three were brought in for questioning, after one of the suspects gave police the names of the other two.

The three suspects in the stabbing death late Saturday night of Orgil Muati, 17, filed into the park on Parshani Street in Rehovot on Sunday and reenacted the killing, with some of Muati's relatives looking on.

A special investigations team set up by the Shfela District Police succeeded in finding the suspects quickly. Only a few hours after the killing, the three were brought in for questioning, after one of the suspects gave police the names of the other two. After a few hours, all three, all minors, confessed to involvement in the incident.

One of the suspects in the Rehovot killing reenacting the crime.
Ilan Assayag

The teen who allegedly stabbed Muati claimed Muati had insulted and cursed him earlier in the evening during an argument in the same park. The alleged killer said Muati had attacked him physically and bruised him.

The suspected killer then returned to his house and told his family that Muati had attacked him.

At midnight, the suspect left his home again - this time armed with a knife. He met the two other suspects and the three went to Muati's home, where they asked him to come out so they could resolve the dispute.

At about 1 A.M., a struggle ensued between Muati and the suspects. Realizing he was outnumbered, Muati tried to flee, but the three ran through the park after him. On the path that leads to an adjacent street, the three caught up with Muati and jumped him; the main suspect allegedly took a knife out and stabbed Muati in the head, critically injuring him. Muati subsequently died of his wounds at Kaplan Hospital.

After the reenactment, the main suspect was taken to Rehovot Magistrate's Court where he was remanded for nine days.

Shula Levi, an aunt of Muati's who was standing only a few meters away from where the suspected killer was conducting the reenactment, said she couldn't bear to look at his face.

"Whoever leaves his house with a knife is planning to murder someone," said Levy. "This is a boy who was murdered for nothing. What could he have done to him already that he murdered him in cold blood?

"In the end he'll go free in some kind of plea-bargain, and young people will learn nothing from this," she added. "There should never be a plea bargain in such cases. What's needed is punishment."

Sima Ben Avi, another aunt of Muati's, said he had two sisters and had been his parents' only son.

"Our family is a regular family, and if this happened to us it could happen to any other family," she said.

Attorney Moti Adato, who represents the primary suspect, told the court on Sunday that "this was also a tragic, sad event for the suspect. We're talking about an event that developed in an unexpected fashion. Responsibility lies at the feet of several people and I very much hope the investigation will be thorough."