3 Men Killed in Crash With Parked Truck

Three young men were killed late Wednesday night on the coastal highway when their car swerved off the road and into a truck parked on the shoulder. The accident occurred about 3:15 A.M., 100 meters before the M Haderekh shopping center.

Ziv Nagato, David Taganiya and Dassa Fanta died in the crash. Superintendent Sigal Bar Zvi of the Sharon District Traffic Police said two of the victims were killed instantly, while the third died shortly after being admitted to Hillel Yaffeh Medical Center, Hadera.

"The car ran into the back of a truck parked on the shoulder, hitting the truck's tailgate cargo elevator," Bar Zvi explained yesterday. "The truck's driver had just begun unloading vegetables from the truck for a store near the mall. We took a statement from him."

Yesterday, two white tents were erected across from the old tenements at 3 Hehalutz St. in Givat Olga. Inside one was the family of Ziv Nagato, 22; in the second was the family of Dassa Fanta, 17. Two blocks away, the family of their friend, David Taganiya, 17, mourned the youth at home.

All three emigrated from Ethiopia 13 years ago. Fanta and Taganiya were related and studied together at the Hadassah Youth Village boarding school. "They were close friends who spent a lot of time together," an uncle, Shlomo Datela, said. "They were with me until midnight last night. We went to a banquet hall to help set up for a family wedding scheduled for today. They stayed on to guard the equipment. They never before went out without telling me, but I don't know how and where they went." Datela surmised that Nagato, who was older, arrived and the three young men decided to go out.

"Ziv was killed at about the time he was supposed to get up for work, at 4 A.M.," Nagato's sister, Dalia, said. "He finished the army a few months ago and worked at an ironworks in Netanya." Ziv was the second oldest of eight siblings.

David Taganiya was one of nine siblings. "He was mischievious, handsome and cared about his looks. Dassa was the eyes of the family. He spoke Hebrew well and helped his family with the language and with daily life.

Nagato, Fanta and Taganiya will be buried at 11 A.M. today, at the Givat Olga cemetery.