Palestinian Shot Dead by Israeli Forces During West Bank Arrest Mission

The 21-year-old was shot in the chest when Israeli soldiers entered village of Burkin; IDF sources say he was injured by Ruger bullet and later pronounced dead.


A 21-year-old Palestinian was shot and killed overnight by Israel Defense Forces soldiers in the West Bank village of Burkin, located west of Jenin, according to Palestinian sources.

According to medical officials, 21-year-old Mohammed Ahmed Alauna was shot in the chest with live ammunition and rushed to a hospital in Jenin. He was taken directly to the operating room but died a short time later.

According to eyewitnesses, an IDF contingent entered the village overnight apparently to carry out an arrest mission, and clashes erupted with young Palestinians, during which Alauna was shot.

IDF sources confirmed reports of the clash in the village of Burkin overnight, noting that it was between local Palestinians that threw firebombs at a mixed contingent of IDF and Border Patrol forces. The forces responded with protest dispersal methods, including Ruger .22 caliber rifles. .22 caliber bullets are considered ess powerful than regular ammunition.

According to IDF sources, one Palestinian was injured by Ruger fire and was later pronounced dead. The IDF refused to disclose if the shot was fired by IDF soldiers or Border Patrol officers. The Military Police are expected to open an investigation into the incident.

Clashes between young Palestinians and IDF soldiers carrying out arrest missions in Palestinian villages and refugee camps have become increasingly common.

Such clashes that routinely ensure between IDF soldiers on arrest missions and Palestinians awaiting their arrival sometmes end with Palestinian casualties.

Earlier this month, Col. Yisrael Shomer shot dead a Palestinian stone-thrower near the West Bank village of Al-Ram.

According to the IDF, several Palestinians were throwing stones at an IDF vehicle from the Binyamin infantry brigade heading toward the Qalandiyah checkpoint, damaging the windshield. Shomer, the brigade commander, exited the SUV and opened fire at the Palestinians throwing stones.