Six Must-read Analyses on the UN's Gaza War Report

A comprehensive look at different perspectives on the UN's report on Operation Protective Edge last summer, from six Haaretz writers.

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The report of the Commission of Inquiry on the 2014 Gaza Conflict
The report of the Commission of Inquiry on the 2014 Gaza ConflictCredit: AFP

An independent United Nations commission of inquiry released on Monday its report on last summer's Operation Protective Edge, finding evidence that both Israel and Hamas are guilty of committing war crimes during the war in the Gaza Strip last summer, and that the devastation caused by the IDF in the Palestinian territory was "unprecedented." Haaretz brings you six must-read takes on the findings:

Chemi Shalev argues that the UN report on Gaza will further embed Israelis in their isolated bunker. The all-out diplomatic assault against the inquiry’s findings, he writes, will safeguard Israel’s self-imposed repression of last summer’s atrocious carnage.

The heavy charges against Israel in the report warrant a probe, not self-righteousness, argues Amos Harel. The Gaza war report may seem more balanced than its predecessor - a reference to the 2010 Goldstone Report on Operation Cast Lead - but if Israel expends any more energy insisting it has the 'most moral army in the world' it will likely end up in The Hague.

Anshel Pfeffer discusses six takeaways from the report, including that, though it started as a sham, the final report is scrupulous, focusing equally on both Israel and Palestinians. Had Israel cooperated with investigators, he writes, maybe it could have gotten more favorable results.

Ilene Prusher focuses on Israel’s “roof-knock” procedure, in which a building is subject to a minor missile strike—a warning—followed by a truly destructive one a few minutes later, and explaining that many Palestinians did not understand the ‘knock’ when it came, nor did they know where to run, during the fighting last summer. The UN report says that Israel should have noticed early in the war that its roof-knock warnings were not nearly effective enough, argues Prusher.

Amira Hass, meanwhile, says that the report bolsters the Palestinian ICC camp. It was published on the day that the Palestinian unity government dissolved, yet shortly before the Palestinians depart for The Hague in a rare act of unity.

The report brings Israel's top leaders closer to The Hague, says Barak Ravid. The UN's report hints that after all other measures have failed, the ICC is the only thing that can actually deter the Israelis and Hamas from yet another round of fighting.

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