Report: Israel Strikes Syrian Military Bases, Hezbollah Targets Near Syria-Lebanon Border

According to the report, the airstrikes targeted the bases of strategic missile brigades 155 and 65 in Qalamoun, near the Syria-Lebanon border.

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An Israel Air Force F-15 taking off.
An Israel Air Force F-15 taking off.Credit: Daniel Bar-On

The Israeli Air Force attacked Syrian army bases where Hezbollah stored long-range missiles late Friday night, according to an Al Jazeera report.

According to the report, the airstrikes targeted the bases of the 155th and 65th strategic missile brigades, stationed in Qalamoun, near the Syria-Lebanon border. Residents of nearby cities Yabroud and Qarah reported hearing explosions.

Former Syrian opposition leader Hadi al-Bahra tweeted that there were reports of attacks on the 92nd battalion, in addition to the attacks on the 155th and 65th brigades. Al-Bahra also tweeted that the 155th brigade is responsible for launching Scud and Scud-B missiles.

Syrian opposition activist Abu al-Hada al-Hemsi wrote on his Facebook page that "loud explosions were heard in the al-Qutayfah area near Qalamoun, explosions from the 92nd Battalion's warehouses. By the nature of the blasts, it's clear that these were Israeli planes."

According to an Al Arabiya report, Friday night's strikes were preceded by another attack on Wednesday, targeting a Hezbollah convoy carrying weapons. According to the report, at least one person was killed in that attack.

The IDF declined to comment, saying they do not respond to foreign reports.

The Israeli Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of Defense refused to comment on the report. Hezbollah and the Assad regime, too, have not yet responded.

It was reported Friday that Hezbollah has constructed a new airstrip in the Lebanon Valley area which could be used for unmanned aircraft, satellite images published by the IHS Jane's Defense Weekly show.

The airstrip is located about 10 kilometers from the city of Hermel, which is 18 kilometers from the Syrian border. According to an analysis of the images, taken from Google Earth, the airstrip was built between 2013 and 2014.

Last month, in wake of the Lausanne talks concerning Iran's nuclear program, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that "we [in Israel] are not closing our eyes, and we will continue to act against any threat."

Israeli soldiers opened fire near the Israel-Lebanon border Monday, said the Israel Defense Forces and Hezbollah-affiliated television station Al-Manar.

In February, the Israeli army said it fired in the air after five people approached the border, near the northern Israeli moshav of Avivim. The group dispersed after troops opened fire, the army said.

Al-Manar said the Israeli soldiers had fired at Lebanese farmers in the area of the southern Lebanese village Maroun al-Ras. It said there were no casualties and no damage.

Two Israeli soldiers were killed and seven wounded in late January when an anti-tank missile struck an Israel Defense Forces vehicle in the Har Dov area near the Lebanon border, as mortar shells were fired nearby. IDF forces responded with artillery fire, shelling several targets in southern Lebanon. A Spanish UNIFIL soldier was killed in the strikes.

In December, Syrian media reported that Israeli jets had bombed targets near Damascus International Airport and in the town of Dimas, north of Damascus and near the border with Lebanon. Israeli officials have neither confirmed nor denied the reports.

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