Israel Election Updates Livni and Yacimovich Slam Netanyahu

During a joint interview, Livni and Yacimovich call on PM to cancel his planned address before the U.S. Congress.

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An archive photo showing Shelly Yacimovich and Tzipi Livni.
An archive photo showing Shelly Yacimovich and Tzipi Livni.Credit: Nir Kafri

Latest political analysis from Yossi Verter:

While Netanyahu's lawyer is sent to the frontline to fight off charges of improprieties at the PM's Residence, Likudniks are becoming frustrated by their leader's total silence on these vital issues. Read the full article here.

Latest updates:

10:10 P.M. The Likud called Herzog's "behavior in Munich constitutes an irresponsible crossing of red lines." For full story, click here

9:30 P.M. Herzog: Israeli security requires strong strategic ties with U.S.

Israel needs to maintain its strategic relationship with the U.S. in order to achieve real security, says Labor Party leader Isaac Herzog, amid a crisis between Israel and the U.S. over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's planned speech to Congress.

"The definition of true national security, as I see it, requires much more than just guns, essential as they are," Herzog said, during an address to the Munich Security Conference 2015 in Germany. For full story, click here

1:00 P.M. Herzog slams Netanyahu's upcoming Congress speech

Isaac Herzog, leader of the Zionist Camp, also slammed Netanyahu's decision to speak in Congress. Speaking with leaders of the Munich Security Conference, Herzog called on Netanyahu to cancel the speech "for Israel's security."

"Netanyahu must cancel his speech in congress. This speech, with devious origins as an election event, endangers Israel's security, as well as the special relationship between Israel and the U.S.," said Herzog, adding "With all due respect for his campaign, Bibi must act like an Israeli patriot, and not throw Israel's security under the election bus." (Jonathan Lis)

12:20 P.M. Livni and Yacimovich call on PM to cancel Congress speech

Yacmovich: "We're looking at an ongoing diplomatic terror attack, even Fox has come out against Netanyahu. This move is a poke in the eye to the U.S. president. I call on Netanyahu to cancel his speech in Congress – it's a shady political bonus event that's causing a deep rift with the U.S. government. If Netanyahu thinks he'll be ridiculed, I guarantee that if he makes the right decision and cancels the appearance, we won't make use of that for a political campaign."

Livni: "The Vice President of the U.S. won’t be sitting in his chair during the speech in Congress, and this shows just how much Netanyahu's speech is meant for his own personal gain, rather than the good of the country. We have a prime minister that bursts out in laughter when he sees young people and poor people, and he laughs as our relationship with the U.S. falls apart." (Jonathan Lis)

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