If Only They Called Netanyahu a Hero

Me, a coward? I, Bibi, who quashed Hezbollah, Hamas and world terror? Now he might really set the world on fire.

Yossi Sarid
Yossi Sarid
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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is accompanied by female IDF soldiers during a tour of the Jordan Valley, March 8, 2011.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is accompanied by female IDF soldiers during a tour of the Jordan Valley, March 8, 2011.Credit: Moshe Milner / GPO
Yossi Sarid
Yossi Sarid

Only when the Americans have had their say do the Israeli patriots thunder away. We’ve written a thousand times here about Benjamin Netanyahu’s cowardice, that all he wants is to survive and that survival is his raison d’etre. Futile words, it seems. Apparently the truth only shines in Washington; only if something is written there is it believed.

Not that we’re going to sue the administration for copyright infringement. And as far being chickenshit is concerned, a leader’s cowardice is always pathetic. Yes, Netanyahu is chickenshit, for if he had been endowed with courage he wouldn’t be Netanyahu. What do they want from him anyway?

Before Washington gives us its definite but belated opinion about other officials in Jerusalem, let me have a stab at them, if only to prevent being libeled for repeating things said by Israel-haters.

First, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat is a sucker. Only a sucker would believe that more parking fines, more house demolitions, more shuttering of businesses and more confiscating of animals will calm down East Jerusalem, where Barkat is also mayor, supposedly.

At the moment it’s not clear whether the police are strengthening the mayor or the other way around. Go ahead, continue to break windows, spray in stinking liquid, destroy olive groves, block entrances, set up roadblocks, arrest children – this is surely the way to unite the city as it has never been united before.

Washington is under the impression that Netanyahu isn’t exactly Menachem Begin or Yitzhak Rabin. Let’s leak to the Americans that Barkat is no Teddy Kollek; he’s not even an Ehud Olmert. He has never understood what it means to be mayor of Jerusalem.

And before Washington summons the courage to do so, let’s make clear that the occupation bus, which will no longer take Palestinian laborers home with settlers on board, is another characteristic of Jewish apartheid. The professors will tell us about the signs of real apartheid as the segregated bus continues on its way.

In South Africa they also justified racial segregation with arguments of personal security. They had segregation, so they didn’t have to worry about elderly white folks complaining that blacks on buses wouldn’t stand up and offer their seats.

Naftali Bennett, who’s known for his clean language, was the first to defend Netanyahu against the Americans’ insults. “The prime minister is not a private person, but the leader of the Jewish state and the Jewish world,” he said. “Such severe curse words against the Israeli prime minister are harmful to millions of Israelis and Jews worldwide.”

I also want to be a mouthpiece for millions and say: No, we weren’t offended at all, because Jewish tradition teaches that you shouldn’t do something bad to someone who has done you a favor.

The U.S. administration has been good to us, even when it wasn’t to its advantage. For years the Americans have restrained themselves, grinding their teeth, and now their patience has run out. Haven’t we warned that the pus will burst out sooner or later?

Based on their experience, the Americans — and we — may harbor the following suspicion: It’s very possible that when Netanyahu builds settlements and ruins every chance for negotiations, he isn’t doing so only because of pressure from within. It could be he’s forced to from without. U.S. casino magnate Sheldon Adelson has again ordered him to help Republican candidates — on the eve of the midterm elections next week.

Damaged ties between the United States and Israel would be a feather in the Netanyahu-clones’ cap on their way to getting elected to Congress. Netanyahu can’t say no to Adelson, because he holds the purse strings. So what can Barack Obama do? Only disclose what he really thinks while there’s still time, then issue a forced statement to soften the impact.

The “senior U.S. officials” made one crucial mistake in their conversation with The Atlantic, and it could cost us all dearly. Those boys mocked Netanyahu for not having the guts to attack Iran. Now he may be tempted to prove them wrong.

Me, a coward? I, Bibi, who quashed Hezbollah, Hamas and world terror? What, haven’t you read my book?

Maybe they should have called Netanyahu a great hero. Now he’ll show them. One big poof and the whole world won’t be able to put out the fire.



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