Renowned Israeli Actress Hanna Maron Dies Aged 90

The Israel Prize laureate who lost her leg in a terror attack in Germany in 1970, passed away in Tel Aviv.

Yair Ashkenazi
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Yair Ashkenazi

Renowned Israeli actress Hanna Maron died on Friday at the age of 90.

The Israel Prize recipient, who performed on stage, in film and on television passed away at Tel Aviv's Ichilov Hospital.

Born in Berlin to Polish and Hungarian parents, Maron began her acting career at the tender age of five. She appeared in several German films, including Fritz Lang's M. She immigrated to Mandate Palestine in the early 30s with her family. when she was ten years old.

In 1940, she joined Habima, the national theater of Israel. During World War II, Maron volunteered for the British army, and joined the enertainment troupe of the Jewish Brigade.

After joining Tel Aviv's Cameri Theater in 1945, she helped form the theater's reperitoire, gradually becoming one of Israel's leading actresses.

On February 10, 1970, on her way to London to play the role of Golda in Fiddler on the Roof, Maron's El Al flight was hijacked by terrorists and she was badly wounded. Sitting next to her on the flight was actor Assi Dayan, who recently passed, as well. Her leg had to be amputated.

Fortunately, she overcame her disability and continued performing. She received the Israel Prize for theater in 1973.

Maron was married twice, first to actor Yossi Yadin and later to architecht Yaakov Rechter. One of their children, Dafna Rechter, is a renowned actress in her own right, with whom Maron had an often-contentious relationship.

Throughout her career, Maron did not hesitate to express her political views and pro-peace position. She was with the Israeli delegation at the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993, and a few years ago she expressed her support for the Geneva Intiative. She was also opposed to performing in the settlements, saying, "These are occupied territories, and I am against the occupation."

Despite her lengthy career, since the 1980s she became associated with her role in the popular Israeli TV sitcom "Krovim, Krovim" - Hebrew for "Near Ones, Dear Ones."

Hanna Maron. Picture by Israel Haramati.

Maron stayed active in the theater until very recently, earning rave reviews for her performance in the Cameri play "Suitcase Packers" in 2011.

Hanna Maron on stage in 2011. Credit: Gadi Dagon



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