Peres to Putin: Israel Knows Russia Will Prevent Iran From Getting Nuclear Arms

Speaking at Jerusalem state dinner, Russian president says no action should be taken in the region without considering the ultimate consequences.

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Israel knows that Russia will prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, President Shimon Peres said on Monday, during a state reception for Russian President Vladimir Putin at the President's Residence in Jerusalem.

Earlier Monday, a few hours after Putin arrived in Israel, the Russian president said in a joint press conference with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Russian and Israel would work together to resolve the nuclear standoff with Iran.

"We held a thorough discussion of the issue of Iran's nuclear program, and, even in the current situation, I estimate that we will continue to consult and work together, and that these issues will be resolved peacefully for the good of all sides," Putin added.

Speaking during an event at the President's Residence later in the day, Peres said he was confident Russia would aid in the struggle to hinder Iran's nuclear ambitions, saying that he knew "that Russia prohibits a nuclear weapons in Iranian hands."

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"You gave clear expression of this. I'm sure that under your leadership Russia will take on a central role in reinstating security and peace," the president said," adding: "Iran has made explicit threats at the State of Israel. It has announced it wishes to annihilate it."

Earlier, Peres said the today's world is endangered by "fanaticism and delusions of grandeur. Sometimes even from ugly sadism," adding that "terror s the main danger to our security."

"The Jewish people has known hate. The State of Israel knows danger. Israel isn't the enemy of any other people. Israel poses no danger to any other person. Israel is threatened, despite not threatening," he said.

Peres then added that the "Iranian people aren't our enemy. Israel doesn't threaten its existence. It is the current Iranian leadership that has made Israel its enemy and has threatened its existence."

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"The current Iranian leadership's policy is terror missiles, is threatening Israel, and of destabilizing the independence of Arab states, and of constructing nuclear weapons," he added.

The president added that "this combination is the danger to world peace and the security of its citizens."

In what many considered to be a reference to action against Iran, Putin, also speaking at the event, said of a possible western offensive in Syria that it was from his "experience that we need to think about the consequence of the act before you undertake it."

"Look at what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan. To do something without knowing the final consequence isn't that smart. On the Syria issue, we need to think hard whether the opposition that could take power would be what the West wants it to be, or something completely opposite," Putin added.

Vladimir Putin (L) walking with Shimon Peres during an unveiling ceremony for a monument commemorating the victory of the Soviet Red Army in World War Two, in Netanya, June 25, 2012. Credit: Reuters



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