Haaretz Poll: 80% of Israelis Believe Iran Strike Will Lead to War With Hamas, Hezbollah

According to a Haaretz-Dialog poll, 59% of respondents say Iran attack would likely cause a regional war, while 20% believe that the probability of war is unlikely or entirely improbable.

Ofir Bar-Zohar
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Ofir Bar-Zohar

A large majority of Israeli citizens believe that a military operation in Iran will lead to a regional flare-up with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, and Hezbollah to the north of Israel in Lebanon, a Haaretz poll revealed Thursday.

According to a Haaretz-Dialog poll, 80% of respondents said they believed an attack on Iran will lead to war with Hamas and Hezbollah. 59% of respondents said they believe that it is highly likely that such a scenario will occur and 21% said that it is fairly likely that it will occur. Meanwhile, 20% said that the probability of a war is unlikely or entirely improbable.

An F-16 fighter jetCredit: Bloomberg

The poll, which queried both Jewish and Arab respondents, also asked whether people trusted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak "on the Iranian issue." Here the answer was more clear-cut, with 52 percent saying they do, compared to 37 percent who do not. Only 11 percent have no opinion.

According to the poll, Israelis are almost evenly split on whether Israel should attack Iran's nuclear facilities, with 41 percent supporting such a strike and 39 percent opposed. The remaining 20 percent said they were undecided.

54% of Arab respondents believ that Israel should not attack Irans nuclear facilities, while 21% support such an attack. Furthermore, 37% of Russian Israelis support an attack, while only 10% are undecided, or do not have an opinion.

The poll also shows that 50% of ultra-Orthodox respondents support such an attack, while 43% of Orthodox and 45% of observant Jews support a strike.

קראו כתבה זו בעברית: סקר "הארץ": 80% מהציבור סבור כי מבצע צבאי יביא להתלקחות אזורית



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