Glenn Beck, Don't Come Back

Rabbis, settlers and others are cooperating with the former Fox TV personality's belief that most Jews will die in Armageddon so that Jesus can rise from the dead.

Yossi Sarid
Yossi Sarid
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Yossi Sarid
Yossi Sarid

With backing like Beck's you can't go far, but you can go too far. Barring last-minute delays, you can go with him all the way to perdition, via Armageddon. The chafing Zionist-Christians and evangelists no longer have patience to wait for doomsday.

This is the day, according to their faith, we shall happily perish in; most of the Jews will die in Armageddon - the final battle of between good and evil - against them, just so that Jesus, their savior, may finally rise from the dead. And the handful of us who survive will carry out the thousand-year vision by accepting the rule of another God. This is the vision that rabbis, settlers and other sorts of nationalist zealots are cooperating with and spreading a red carpet at the messiah's feet.

U.S. commentator Glenn Beck appearing in Caesarea on Sunday August 21, 2011.Credit: Hagai Frid

Glenn's wandering circus came to town - to Jerusalem - on Wednesday, after a performance tour. The former D.J. took over Caesarea as well, to the envy of local stand-up artists. But Wednesday night's rally was the peak, when the charlatan-entertainer-mediaman's band saluted his and new-star Danny Danon's Israel. Even the chief rabbis - considerable nationalists in their own right - said a preventive prayer for fear his missionary messages would be too blatant. Glenn promised to soften them.

It was meant to be the mother of all rallies, yet it was clouded by a light shadow of orphanhood. The Republican candidates for the U.S. presidency all played hookey at the last minute.

Tea Party Congress members stayed home to have a cuppa and make fools of themselves. The well-known movie actors disappeared, leaving only Jon Voight, who would no longer be remembered had he not been Angelina's dad. The American Jewish community was prominent in its absence. All it needs is to be associated with Beck.

Even in normal America - there is still such a nature reserve - the born-again Mormon is seen as a problematic figure who taints anything he touches. Even the rightist-conservative Fox News channel fired him two months ago for making obscene statements. He called Obama a "racist" who has a problem with whites and made Holocaust slurs, diminishing its memory and meaning. A poisoned bird is whispering that this second Joe McCarthy only came to Jerusalem to rehabilitate his collapsing status in Washington.

"Haaretz" correspondent Natasha Mozgovaya gathered selected tidbits from Beck's doctrine. But Bibi, who welcomed him like royalty, has not yet understood that a man is known by his friends as well, and support from Beck is a sign of loneliness and weakness.

The notorious commentator accused the victims of September 11, 2001 of "whining." He compared Reform rabbis to radical Islamists, saying they are "less about religion than about politics." The Norway-camp teenagers, 68 of whom were murdered, remind him of Hitler Youth. He also had something to say about the tent protest in Israel. He finds its slogans similar to communist propaganda.

It's not only Beck and his utterances. His partners are also an indication of what he is. First and foremost Pastor John Hagee, who was the keynote speaker on Tuesday in the Caesarea amphitheater and was applauded like the evangelist preachers in their trance churches.

Beck, Hagee and their swarm are anti-Semites, who are not even aware of their anti-Semitism and the extent of its ugliness. Or maybe they are. In recent years this anti-Semitism has not been directed mainly against Jews, for they have found the Arab substitute for it. Now they are using the Arabs to scare Israel and the Muslims to scare the world. And the white, Aryan lion will devour them and their undercover envoys such as Barack Hussein.

The visit ended yesterday, the circus is folding its tent and moving elsewhere. Let's pray it will not return soon. Mr. Beck, don't come back. We're not short of dangerous wackos here.



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