Israeli Man Released From Egypt After Arrest in Suez

Tomer Sahiak was arrested in Egyptian port city of Suez on Wednesday; earlier this week four Israeli reporters were arrested in Cairo and released shortly after.

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Foreign Ministry officials in Cairo succeeded Thursday to ensure the release of an Israeli engineer arrested in the Egyptian port city of Suez, Israel Radio reported.

Tomer Sahiak, who was arrested on Wednesday, was escorted by foreign ministry officials on his way back to Israel. His family was notified of his release.

Plainclothes police arrest a protester during clashes in Cairo January 26, 2011.Credit: Reuters

Meanwhile, four Israeli journalists detained and released Wednesday returned to Israel by plane, the radio said.

Three of them were said to be from Israel's Channel Two television station and a fourth from a local Arab-Israeli news outlet.

Images of the three were earlier broadcast prominently on Egyptian state television, with police officers holding up their passports to the cameras.

Several other foreign journalists, including from a French television station, and reporters of Qatar's al-Jazeera satellite channel were also reported arrested.

Amnesty International issued a statement that a member of its staff, a delegate from Human Rights Watch and others, were detained at the Hisham Mubarak Law Centre in Cairo and taken to an unknown location in the city.

"We call for the immediate and safe release of our colleagues and others with them who should be able to monitor the human rights situation in Egypt at this crucial time without fear of harassment or detention," said Salil Shetty, secretary general of Amnesty International.



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