Far-right MK: Assassinating Ahmadinejad Today Is Like Assassinating Hitler in 1939

Aryeh Eldad of National Union says Israel should seize the opportunity to kill Ahmadinejad while he is visiting Lebanon.

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Far-right MK Aryeh Eldad called Wednesday for the assassination of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and to use his current visit to Lebanon as the opportunity to do so.

National Union MK Aryeh EldadCredit: Tess Scheflan

"On the eve of World War II, had there been a man who had succeeded in assassinating (Nazi German dictator Adolf) Hitler, he would have changed the course of history and for certain the course of the Jewish people," said Eldad, of the National Union party.

"The state of Israel, which was founded so that the Jewish people would always responsible for its own fate and never again face the danger of extermination, is today in a position to assassinate, in southern Lebanon, the man who delegitimizes our very existence and threatens to annihilate us.

"To assassinate Ahmadinejad today is like assassinating Hitler in 1939," he told Israel Radio.

The National Union is a small opposition party with four mandates in the 120-seat Knesset, Israel's parliament.



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