NYU-Poly 10-month Master's in Management or Organizational Behavior

The only graduate program in Israel to award diplomas directly from a premiere American University - as though you studied on NYU-Poly campus in New York! Galvanize your career in only 10 months in Israel.

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NYU-Poly is offering affordable Master's degree programs in Israel to ambitious individuals. These students are uniquely positioned for success: they are the only graduate students in Israel whose diplomas will be awarded by a prestigious American institution. Identical to those of their New York classmates, students of the Master's in Israel will receive diplomas from the "Polytechnic Institute of NYU" - as though they studied in New York, but with the added benefits of a 10-month Israel experience.

The advantages of NYU-Poly Master's in Israel are clear - students reap the personal and professional rewards of a year abroad, and return home with a degree universally recognized by employers. Students also have the added advantage of access to Career Management Services from NYU-Poly's New York campus.

Master's in Israel currently offers two degree programs: Master of Science in Management (MSM) and Master of Science in Organizational Behavior (MSOB). After completing their core courses, degree candidates in both programs build further skills in their area of choice.

MSM - Master of Science in Management

NYU-Poly's Graduate Program in Management takes a pragmatic, results-oriented approach that emphasizes management of technology, production management and strategic planning to achieve productivity and profitability.

Traditional subjects such as accounting, economics, finance, and marketing are taught, not as special areas of expertise, but as tools for managerial decision-making in a technology-intensive environment.

MSOB - Master of Science in Organizational Behavior

This Management Program integrates the latest knowledge and approaches for the effective management of human resources in rapidly changing organizations to achieve high quality performance and productivity.

The course of study is designed for human resource practitioners who wish to update and broaden their qualifications, as well as for men and women with diverse backgrounds (such as graduates of psychology or behavioral sciences) who wish to acquire expertise in the MSOB concentrations.

The Israel Experience

Master's in Israel students are afforded the opportunity to immerse themselves in Israeli culture owing to NYU-Poly's partnership with Oranim Educational Initiatives, Israel's premiere educational tourism provider.

Sara Reichenbach Manor, Director of Master's in Israel, says, "We differ from other graduate programs in Israel not only because we offer an American degree, but because we supplement graduate studies with hands-on, experiential Israel education."

Tuition to the program includes the Oranim Israel Experience; students get out of the classroom in order to explore the country on biweekly excursions, learn Hebrew in Ulpan, volunteer in their community, and engage in lecture and programming aimed at establishing basic cultural competency.

"Perhaps most significant to their Israel education," says Ms. Reichenbach Manor, "our students live in the heart of Tel Aviv - in beach-side apartments with immediate access to the vibrant city scene of Israel's cultural capital."

Students are guided through the process of acculturation, yet retain a significant amount of free time to explore on their own.


Students who qualify for MASA's universal grant pay a comprehensive tuition of $19,840. This includes graduate studies, beautiful housing in excellent locations, international flights between New York and Tel Aviv, frequent travel days, lecture series, and group activities.

MASA also readily awards needs-based grants to qualifying students.

Click here for more information and to apply to become part of the class of 2010.



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