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Approximately 70 percent of scams occur before the holidays, usually before Rosh Hashana and Passover, according to a study conducted by Business Data Israel (BDI). The stings are usually connected to the purchase of gifts, household products or gift baskets. The number of such operations is about 300 per year, and in the last two weeks, 10 have been discovered. In general, only four such operations are discovered during the year in any given two week period. According to BDI there will be a drop in such stings in 2006, to about 250 from the 300 in 2005. The value of these scams is NIS 180 million. The sting operations are usually run by suppliers in various sectors. The customer buys goods on credit, and then disappears leaving the debt unpaid. The holiday period is a perfect time for such scams, as sellers are usually very busy. Often a company is set up for the purpose of the sting, and the scammer identifies himself as the employee of a known firm. (Ora Coren)

About 41,000 passengers are expected to transit through Ben-Gurion Airport today to kick off the three-week holiday period. A total of about 720,000 people on 4,704 flights will be landing at and departing from the airport between today and October 15, for an increase of 11 percent over the High Holidays last year. The busiest days are expected to be Sukkot Eve (Oct. 5), with 44,000 passengers, and Oct. 12, with about 42,000. The most popular destinations for Israelis this year are Turkey, the U.S., Germany, France and England. (Zohar Blumenkrantz)

Tescom Israel, joining the ranks of local technology companies that operate training centers for ultra-Orthodox women, such as Malam and Matrix, was awarded a tender to establish a program in Upper Modi'in for female residents in the Haredi community. The center is the brainchild of local council head Rabbi Yaakov Guterman, who hopes to increase his town's employment rate while easing the shortage of tech workers. Tescom specializes in automated software testing. (Guy Grimland)

Israel Natural Gas Lines has given in to pressure and will continue to supply natural gas to the Reading electricity generating plant in Tel Aviv, despite the failure of Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) to sign a contract on its usage of the natural gas distribution network. At a special meeting held this week between the parties, National Infrastructures Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer instructed the IEC board to reverse its earlier decisions in order to pave the way for a permanent agreement over the supply of natural gas to the plant. (Sharon Kedmi)

The composite state-of-the-economy index rose by 0.3 percent in August, the second month of the war in Lebanon, according to figures released yesterday by the Bank of Israel. According to the central bank, the rise reflects the slower rate of expansion of economic activity during the months of July and August due to the hostilities in the north. The rise in the August index was affected principally by the rise in manufacturing production and in goods imports and exports. That rise was largely offset by the reduction in the index of trade and services revenues and in tourist services exports due to the hostilities. Note that in July and August (the months in which the fighting took place), the tourist services index dropped by a total of about 41 percent from its June level. (Moti Bassok)



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