Savyon Edges Out Ra'anana in Wingate Fives Tourney

Wins overall Andre Spitzer Trophy for first time.

Norman Spiro
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Norman Spiro

Savyon came through Saturday to win Netanya's 21st Wingate Fives Tournament and claim the overall Andre Spitzer Trophy for the first time.

Facing Ra'anana, Savyon was early on assured of the overall win after the two morning games, when Cecil Bransky and Haviv Takin won bronze in their respective disciplines - Bransky winning in the singles against Ra'anana's Zvika Hadar, and Takin in the fours against Ramat Gan.

Despite losing the afternoon's finals in both the pairs and triples to Ra'anana, Savyon's better performance in the singles and fours was the critical factor for Savyon to edge out Ra'anana by a single point in the accumulated tally of points in the four disciplines.

The covetous singles crown for the Shmuel and Shifra Grant Trophy went to Ramat Gan's 27 year old Boaz Marcus when he won 21-19 against Haifa's Arie Ben Dor, denying the latter a third successive title.

In a gripping game of changing fortunes, with the score at 19-19, Marcus had his first saving of game with an excellent last bowl draw to lead 20-19, and then once again in the final end, with Ben Dor's two game-lying bowls on the jack, Marcus delivered a precision last bowl to delicately trail the jack for the shot and a well-deserved win.

Adding to the day's drama was the pair's final between Ra'anana's Colin Silberstein and Israel Meushar up against Savyon's Takin and David Kontenta.

With excellent all-round bowling the score was 17-17 with two ends to play. Ra'anana got the single shot in the next end, to start the last head 18-17 up and here again it was a dramatic end to the game, this time by Silberstein's lead Israel Meushar, a relative new comer to the game playing in his first Fives Tournament.

Against Kontenta's toucher in the ditch, half a meter from the jack at the edge of the ditch, Meushar with his last bowl had the perfect trail of the jack into the ditch, with his own bowl following alongside in an unbeatable position, as such conceded by the Savyon pair, for Ra'anana to claim the David and Bernice Pillemer's Trophy.

Ra'anana claimed its second title to win the triples for the Eli and Queenie Goldblatt Trophy.The Ra'anana trio combined well together, with Denis Phillips and Zvika Hadar giving good support to Gordon Silberstein at skip, who often added counting shots with good drives to the jack. Outplayed, the Savyon side of Cecil Bransky, Zvi Bekier and Micha Farkash, Savyon conceded the game when 7-22 down after 13 ends.

But worthy of special mention was Jerusalem's effort in winning the fours for the Jessel and Cynthia Mendelsson Trophy. Well skipped by Tony Babot and with consistent cohesive play by his team members, Motti Dreyfus, Beryl Koseff and Haim Deri, the Jerusalem foursome had excellent preliminary round wins against Ra'anana and Ramat Gan before facing off in the final against Ra'anana's "Green" team of Gerald Sacks, Ivan Kantor, Len Grobler and Mel Trevis.

At 17-17 for the last end, Jerusalem claimed the two winning shots with closer draws to the jack to claim the trophy. Jerusalem's joy was doubled when Tony Babot was awarded the "Sportsman of the Tournament" Trophy.



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