Hamas Official: Group Will Make Islamic Law a Source for Legislation

Abu Tir tells Canada's Globe and Mail the new government will separate boys, girls in education system.

Haaretz Service
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Haaretz Service

A senior Hamas official has said that the if his movement forms the next Palestinian government, it will make sharia, or Islamic law, a source of law in the Gaza Strip and West Bank.

Sheikh Mohammed Abu Tir, no. 2 on the Hamas list, told Canada's Globe and Mail that the government will modify the existing Palestinian education system to and institute a more Islamic curriculum, and will separate boys and girls.

Abu Tir told the paper that that as long as Israel continues occupying Palestinian lands, the struggle against the Jewish state would continue. He also said Hamas "would not go to foreign donors on bended knee" if aid to the Palestinian Authority is withdrawn.

Abu Tir said that the first act of the newly elected Palestinian Legislative Council would be the introduction of sharia as a source for legislation.

Abu Tir clarified that alcohol would not be banned and that it would not be mandatory for women to cover their heads when outdoors.

He told the paper that by setting an example, Hamas would persuade Palestinians to follow the teachings of Islam more closely.



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