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Peres: No chance of clinching peace without dividing Jeruslem, returning Hebron

Vice Premier Shimon Peres said yesterday there is no chance of reaching a "conclusive agreement" with the Palestinians unless Israel partitions Jerusalem and cedes the West Bank city of Hebron. Peres also told Israel Radio the Gush Etzion settlement bloc would not be returned to the Palestinians under any future peace accord. The Labor Party chairman said he believes "there is no chance of reaching a conclusive agreement with the Palestinian Authority without giving back Hebron and dividing Jerusalem." But he added that "no one believes Israel will give back Gush Etzion [under any future agreement with the Palestinians]." (Haaretz Staff)

French teenager arrested for allegedly throwing acid at Jewish school in Paris

Police said yesterday they arrested a 15-year-old youth suspected of throwing acid at a Jewish school in Paris. No one was injured in the attack. Authorities said the youth threw three bottles containing hydrochloric acid at the school in Paris' 18th district Saturday. Investigators were trying to determine if there were any accomplices. A council representing French Jewish organizations said the attack targeted part of the school that served as a synagogue. Worshipers were meeting in the room when one of the bottles of acid landed inside, the council said. (AP)

Two Yeroham girls say they were kidnapped while hitchhiking from Tel Aviv

Two teenage girls from Yeroham say they were kidnapped on Saturday while hitchhiking from Tel Aviv. The girls, 16, said they wanted to go to Haifa, but the driver took them to a hotel in Nazareth, where he and a friend gave them alcoholic beverages. The girls said they locked themselves in the bathroom, feeling drunk, and called the police on their cellphone. The police found the girls, who had passed out, and took them to the hospital. The driver, a young Nazareth resident, denies abducting the girls. (Jack Khoury)

`El Al is trying to gag us,' say relatives of victims of 1955 crash over Bulgaria

Relatives of victims of the El Al plane shot down by terrorists over Bulgaria 50 years ago have accused the airline of "disgraceful behavior." The relatives complained that "El Al is trying to gag us," since it would not let one of them speak at a memorial ceremony for the 58 victims next Wednesday. One of the victims' daughters said El Al said a representative for the families would not be allowed to speak at the ceremony. The families published a letter in Haaretz last week criticizing El Al's conduct in organizing the event. El Al rejected the claim "with disgust... We wish to emphasize that Nili Hameiri, the daughter of Yitzhak Hameiri who died in the disaster, will speak for the victims' families," the airline said. (Zohar Blumenkrantz)

Girl electrocuted while opening refrigerator

An eight-year-old girl was electrocuted when she opened the refrigerator in her Jerusalem home yesterday. Dr. Khalad Tamimi, who treated the girl at the capital's Bikur Holim Hospital, said she had opened the door while barefoot and with wet hands, which probably caused the electrocution. She shouted for help, and her parents pulled out the plug about a minute later, saving her life. She was brought to the hospital with blue marks on her hands and burns on her feet. Her condition was improving, the hospital reported. (Itim)

Destroyed Palestinian villages of Yalo and Amoas to be remembered at JNF park

The Israel Defense Forces will post signs in the Jewish National Fund's Canada Park in memory of the Palestinian villages Yalo and Amoas, which existed in the area and were destroyed in 1967, the State Prosecutor advised the High Court of Justice recently. The announcement followed a petition submitted to the court by Zochrot, an Israeli association that aims to raise awareness of the state's wrongdoings against the Palestinian people. (Amiram Barkat)

Desperately seeking Sarah, the 5-meter-long python missing from Hamat Gader

Where has Sarah gone? Employees of Hamat Gader's animal compound are looking for Sarah, a 5-meter-long python who has somehow vanished from her glass cage. The snake is "very dangerous and can easily crush a human to death," said police spokeswoman Aliza Azulai, telling the public not to approach the 30-kilogram reptile. Compound manager David Golan reported Sarah's disappearance to the Tiberias police yesterday morning. The snake is valued at NIS 10,000 shekels. But while Sarah poses a pretty big threat, she isn't the biggest kid on the block. Experts X-rayed the other pythons at the enclosure to make sure they also hadn't eaten Sarah. (Jack Khoury and Reuters)

Clalit clinics to open at 10 today

Clalit health maintenance organization (HMO) workers will open clinics at 10 A.M. today as part of sanctions in their labor dispute with the management. The workers said they would impose different sanctions each day. The dispute was caused by management's refusal to fill hundreds of vacant positions and its decision to shut down six regional laboratories, which will lead to dismissals, the workers' union said. (Haim Bior)



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