Civil Service Boss Orders Prime Minister's Senior Adviser to Resign

Zvi Zrahiya
Eynav Ben-Yehuda
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Zvi Zrahiya
Eynav Ben-Yehuda

Civil Service Commissioner Shmuel Hollander has called for the dismissal of Yoel Hasson, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's adviser on public affairs. Hollander charges that under the Civil Service Law, Hasson cannot serve as a senior aide to the prime minister while also holding high-ranking positions in the Likud.

Hasson is chairman of the Likud Young Guard and also a member of the Likud Bureau, the Likud Secretariat and other Likud institutions that make up the party's leadership.

In March 2003, Yoram Tselkovnik, deputy civil service commissioner for disciplinary matters, demanded that Hasson resign all his positions in the Likud. In addition, some two months ago, Shlomit Barnea-Farago, legal adviser to the Prime Minister's Office, called for Hasson's immediate resignation from the Likud Secretariat.

Barnea-Farago noted at the time that the legal opinion that allowed Hasson to run for chairmanship of the Likud Young Guard was conditioned on Hasson not becoming a member of the Likud Secretariat.

"[Hasson] told us that he is not a member of the party secretariat, but declared recently that the party secretariat had convened and he was one of its members," Barnea-Farago said. "This contravenes the provisions of the law ... and therefore he should be called on to immediately resign from the Likud Secretariat."

About a month and a half ago, after the Civil Service Commission failed to receive a copy of Hasson's letter of resignation from the Likud Secretariat, it ordered a disciplinary probe into the matter.

Hasson was questioned yesterday by a representative of the commission's disciplinary unit. He noted he had recently completed his resignation from the Likud Secretariat and was not a member of the Likud Central Committee. In light of such, he said, he was not breaking the law.

Civil Service Commission officials said yesterday that if the probe into the affair revealed that Hasson was in breach of the law, the commissioner would move to have him dismissed.

Naveh aides go to labor court

Meanwhile, three aides to Health Minister Dan Naveh asked the Jerusalem Labor Court yesterday to issue an injunction to prevent their dismissal. In their petition, the three - Eldad Avraham, Dudu Laniado and Dani Yosef - charge that Hollander decided to fire them following their refusal to resign from the Likud Central Committee. The three argued that they had never refused to resign.

The dismissal of the three is set to go into effect today.

According to the health minister's aides, the guiding principle behind Hollander's decision to fire them was his desire to curry favor with the public, the media and the new state comptroller, who is slated to assume his position today.



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