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Ousted IBA chief vows to stay until replacement found

Ousted Israel Broadcasting Authority Director General Joseph Barel announced yesterday he will remain in his position until a temporary replacement is found. Barel's announcement provoked the ire of workers at the office of MK Ehud Olmert, the minister responsible for the IBA. According to a cabinet decision reached Monday, Barel was to leave the position immediately. In an official statement released by the IBA spokeswoman, Barel said he will continue to operate under the rules of proper management and according to proper public behavior. (Anat Balint)

Prosecutors ask to extend Rosenstein's isolation

State prosecutors asked the Tel Aviv District Court yesterday to extend the term of solitary confinement of Ze'ev Rosenstein in the Rimonim prison north of Tel Aviv. Reputed organized-crime king Rosenstein has been held in solitary confinement since December 2004, awaiting a decision on a U.S. request to extradite him on drug charges. In their request to extend the initial period, which expires on May 10, the prosecution and the Prisons Service said that Rosenstein's isolation is necessary to preserve his and other prisoners safety. (Zvi Harel)

Ten suspects charged for racketering and extortion

Ten suspects were charged yesterday in the Tel Aviv District Court for racketeering and illegal debt collection. The prosecution requested that five of the suspects be detained until the end of legal proceedings against them: Marwan Nasser, 32, Shadi Nasser, 29, and Raed Sultan, 28, all of Tira, and Hananiah Azulay, 43, and Aiv Alon, 35, both of Kfar Sava. According to the request, the suspects employed violence against debtors. The prosecution said it has the testimony of Abed Abdel-Hai, who acted as a police operative, as evidence. (Zvi Harel)

Taxi driver, shot in Ramat Aviv, suffers heart attack

A 56-year-old taxi driver from Pardesiya was moderately wounded Monday night after being shot in the legs by robbers who had entered his cab. Early yesterday morning, probably as a result of shock, the man suffered a heart attack while hospitalized in the Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov Hospital) in Tel Aviv, and was in critical condition. Near midnight Monday, police had received a report that gunshots had been heard near the Sde Dov airstrip in Ramat Aviv. Police and paramedics found the driver laying on the ground, shot. He said that his assailants had fled with the cab. Police searched the area aided by helicopters, but did not find the perpetrators. (Roni Singer)

Leopard devours Doberman on Kibbutz Ein Gedi

A leopard devoured a Doberman pinscher bitch in Kibbutz Ein Gedi yesterday. The dog, which belonged to the Barak family on the kibbutz, was the second to be killed by a leopard recently. "As soon as the leopard learns the potential embodied by dogs and cats, he won't give it up; it's simpler than fighting mountain goats," said zoologist Dror Hawlena. The leopard in question is apparently a male named Hariton, one of the last leopards in the Judean desert area. (Nir Hasson)



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