Golda Meir

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Date of birth: May 3, 1898 Place of birth: Kiev, Ukraine

Education Secondary education and Teachers Seminary in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Political Life - Member of the Executive Committee of the Histadrut (1934) and head of its Political Department (1936) -Director of the Political Department of the Jewish Agency in 1946, after the British arrest of Moshe Sharett -Israels ambassador to the Soviet Union, 1948-1949

Knesset 1 Govt. 1 Minister of Labor and Nation-wide Insurance Govt. 2 Minister of Labor and Nation-wide Insurance

Knesset 2 Govt. 3 Minister of Labor Govt. 4 Minister of Labor Govt. 5 Minister of Labor Govt. 6 Minister of Labor

Knesset 3 Govt. 7 From 19/06/1956 Minister of Foreign Affairs Until 19/06/1956 Minister of Labor Govt. 8 Minister of Foreign Affairs

Knesset 4 Govt. 9 Minister of Foreign Affairs

Knesset 5 Govt. 10 Minister of Foreign Affairs Govt. 11 Minister of Foreign Affairs Govt. 12* Minister of Foreign Affairs

Knesset 6 Govt. 14 From 17/03/1969 Prime Minister

Knesset 7 Govt. 15 Prime Minister

Knesset 8 Govt. 16 Prime Minister

-*Upon resigning from the Government, she was elected Secretary of Mapai, 1966-1968 -Resigned as Prime Minister on April 11, 1974, and from the Knesset on June 7, 1974

Significant Information Joined Poelei Zion in 1915 and stood out as a speech maker in Yiddish and English Member of Kibbutz Merhavia, 1921-1924 Moved to Tel Aviv in 1924; became an official of the Histadrut Trade Union and served in a managerial post with the union's construction corporation, Solel Boneh One of leaders of Womens Workers Council from 1928 Emissary to the United States, 1932-1934 Traveled to the United States in 1947 to raise money to enable the creation of the State of Israel Met secretly with Jordans King Abdullah in May 1948 on the other side of the Jordan River

As Foreign Minister: -architect of Israel's attempt to create bridges to the emerging independent countries of Africa via an assistance program based on practical Israeli experience in nation building -worked to cement relations with the United States -succeeded in creating extensive bilateral relations with Latin American countries The worlds third female premier Following 1973 Yom Kippur War, Agranat Inquiry Commission established the IDF and Meirs government had erred seriously in their assessment of Arab intentions

Authored: Autobiography: My Life (Heb and Eng) 1974, 1975 My Fathers House: (1972) This is our Strength: Selected Papers

Personal Details: Immigrated to the U.S. in 1906, age 8 Made aliya to Israel in 1921 Died December 8, 1978 Buried on Mt. Herzl in Jerusalem among Gedolei HaUmma, The Greats of the Nation



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