2 Missing After Ships Collide Off Haifa Coast

A search was still underway for two missing crewmen at press time last night after a small cargo ship was struck by a passenger ship off the coast of Haifa and sunk. Helicopters evacuated 11 people from the cargo ship before it sunk.

The incident occurred close to 10 P.M., when the passenger ship Salamis Glory exited Haifa Port. Several minutes later, it struck a cargo vessel anchored about 2.5 kilometers offshore. Soon after, the cargo ship began listing and sank.

It is believed that the Cypriot-flagged passenger ship lost its steering. The cargo vessel, also a Cypriot-flagged ship, had a crew of Slovaks and Ukrainians. The passenger ship collected most of the sinking ship's crew.

Haifa Port Director Amos Uzani said last night that a much greater disaster had been averted.