15-year-old Kalansua Resident Stabs Older Sister to Death in Her Sleep

The teen told police he decided to murder her after she refused not to dress provocatively and go out.

A 15-year-old from Kalansua was arrested yesterday for allegedly murdering his 20-year-old sister while she slept.

The teen allegedly slit his sister's throat and stabbed her repeatedly while she was asleep in her bed around 6 A.M. He told police that he decided to murder her after she refused to heed his orders not to dress provocatively and go out.

The youth's parents had left the house at dawn to take their five sons and daughter to their respective jobs. When the father returned, he found his son sitting in the living room with blood on his hands and clothes. He called the Taibeh police and reported the murder.

Police found the victim in her bed, with her throat slit and bearing stab wounds. They found the knife, believed to be the murder weapon, in the kitchen.

The suspect told the police that he and some of his brothers disapproved of their sister's conduct and he had confronted her several times over how she dressed and behaved. On Sunday night they fought again, among other things because she wanted to buy a mobile phone.

The Ramle Magistrate's Court yesterday remanded the youth for 10 days.

"This murder is certainly not characteristic of this city and its residents," said a police officer. Kalansua "does not suffer from severe crime like other towns in the area."