Lieberman Blasted for Suggesting Drowning Palestinian Prisoners

Gideon Alon
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Gideon Alon

A storm erupted in the Knesset plenum yesterday, following Transport Minister Avigdor Lieberman's reported proposal to provide buses to take the Palestinian prisoners that Israel releases to a place "whence they will not return."

According to another report, Lieberman said the prisoners should be drowned in the Dead Sea and he would provide the buses to take them there.

MKs Jamal Zahalka (Balad) and Talab A-Sana and Abdelmalek Dahamsha (United Arab List) blasted Lieberman.

"How can you suggest transferring thousands of Palestinian prisoners to the Dead Sea and drowning them there?" Dahamsha asked in a debate on traffic accidents. Lieberman retorted that MK Dahamsha visited an Arab murdered in Afula by Palestinian terrorists.

The Arab Knesst members were furious. MK Talab A-Sana said "that's the ultimate fascist statement, shame on you."

Lieberman told MK Zahalka "Let me tell you openly. As far as I'm concerned you're much worse than Arafat and Abu Mazen. If it was up to me you'd be sitting in jail, at best."

Opposition leader Mk Shimon Peres denounced Lieberman's utterance, saying it inflames the hatred between the two nations. "You should not have said what you said, this is not a Soviet regime nor a Communist one. You will not lock anyone up and you will not threaten anyone."