Tnuva Weighs New Ways for Whey

New Zealand's largest company, the Fonterra dairy cooperative, is collaborating with Tnuva in research and development in biotechnology through its Food Solutions Group subsidiary. The first stage of their cooperation will involve investing NIS 20-40 million in several projects in milk and whey, Tnuva's vice president Ivri Goren confirmed yesterday.

The two dairy enterprises are investigating possible human and animal medical developments as well as food additives. The two will decide which projects will receive their backing, and will be based at Tnuva's new whey processing plant which was opened yesterday at Alon Tabor.

Though some of the by-products of the cheese-making industry produce are used in drinks, food products, sauces and additives in health products, the companies hope to develop uses for the whey by-products that are currently discarded but contain many minerals.