NGOs: One Out of Every Three Holocaust Survivors Lives in Poverty

Aid organizations say financial crisis brought a 30 percent increase in aid requests appeals.

One out of every three Israeli Holocaust survivors lives in poverty, aid groups told Army Radio on Friday, adding that the financial crisis brought with it a significant increase in appeals for aid.

A 74-year-old survivor, whose entire family perished on the Romanian-Russian border, said that he felt he and fellow survivors were "forsaken in the most shameful way here in Israel,"

"We never receive any money, and by the time we got some we were already sick," he added.

Aid organizations have reported a 30 percent increase in appeals, at the same time that donations have all but dwindled out as a result of the global financial crisis.

Eran Weintrob, director of the "Latet" NGO said that unless the government interferes, thousands will not be able to celebrate the upcoming Jewish holidays.

"They went through one inferno, and I'm sad to say that there are going through another one today," Weintrob said.

While the sight of elderly Holocaust survivors lining up for food isn't a new phenomenon, aid groups said, the difference this year is that "some of them will have to return to their homes empty handed."