10 Israelis Killed in W. Bank Ambush; Hamas, Fatah Claim Attack

Palestinian gunmen killed ten people in an ambush on an Israeli bus and cars near the West Bank settlement of Emmanuel on Wednesday.

According to initial reports, after two roadside bombs detonated on the bus's right side, at least three terrorists fired automatic weapons and threw hand-grenades at the Dan company bus line 189, as it slowed to a stop about 70 meters from the entrance to the settlement.

Israel radio reported that 26 people were injured, six of them critically, ten seriously, and the rest lightly. The injured were being taken to the Meir Hospital in Kfar Saba and the Tel Hashomer Hospital near Tel Aviv.

The names of eight of the victims have been released:Yaniv Amar, 13, from Emmanuel.Yisrael Sternburg, 44, from Emmanuel.Border Police Senior Staff Sergeant Major Yoel Binenfeld, 35, from Moshav Tel Shahar.Ya'akov Tzarfati, 64, from Kfar Saba.David Tzarfati, 38, from Ginot Shomron.Ester Avraham, 42, from Emmanuel.Menahem Moshe Gutman, 40, from Emmanuel.Avraham Nahman Nitzivi, 18, from Beitar Illit.

The attack on took place at about 6 p.m. (1600 GMT) as the bus was on a winding uphill road approaching the Jewish settlement of Emmanuel, about 20 kilometers (12 miles) northwest of Jerusalem.

The Al-Aqsa Martyr's Brigade, a group affiliated with Fatah, and the militant Hamas organization, took responsibility for the attack. According to Channel One television, IDF reservists and members of the Border Patrol ran over, then shot and killed one of the terrorists shortly after he sprayed the bus and nearby cars with automatic fire.

As security forces and rescue workers approached the scene, they came under fire from the gunmen. Security sources said that three terrorists responsible for the attack and that they were searching the area for the rest of the cell.

According to reports, one of the vehicles in front of the bus came under fire first, after which the militants began firing on the bus. The occupants of the vehicle, some of whom were injured, were trapped inside it until resuce workers managed to resuce them.

"There was a huge explosion in the back of the bus...all the windows of the back of the bus were destroyed...the bus continued slowly about 100 metres (yards) and people lay on the floor." said one of the passangers on the bus.

Emergency phone numbersTel Hashomer Medical Center: 1255131Meir Hospital: 1255134

Double Suicide bombings in Gaza's Gush KatifTwo Palestinian suicide bombers blew themselves up Wednesday evening, at around 6:00 P.M. near the Gaza Strip settlement of Neve Dekalim. Four people were lightly injured as a result of the blasts. They were taken to Be'er Sheva's Soroka Medical Center.

The two bombers, who were killed in the blasts, blew themselves up next to two Israeli vehicles travelling on the road between Neve Dekalim and nearby Ganei Tal.