Victim of 2005 Hadera Bombing Dies of Her Wounds

Larisa Grischenko, 39, has been in a coma since she was critically hurt in terror blast at the city market.

Larisa Grischenko, 39, died on Wednesday from critical wounds sustained four years ago in a terror attack at the Hadera market.

Grischenko had been in a coma since the October 2005 bombing, which left five people dead and another 55 wounded. Another woman died of her wounds two weeks after the attack, raising the death toll to six.

Grischenko is survived by her husband and three children. She will be laid to rest Thursday afternoon at the Hadera cemetery.

The Israel Defense Forces responded to that attack by entering town south of Jenin to hunt down members of the Islamic Jihad cell responsible for the bombing.

One of the men killed was Jihad Awidat, the Jihad operative who dispatched the bomber Hassan Abu Zaid, 21, to Hadera. Abu Zaid had been released from Israeli jail just weeks before he carried out the bombing.