Palestinians: IDF Troops Beat Wounded Palestinian to Death

IDF claims Mizyed died instantly from bullet wound while preparing explosive device.

Palestinian sources claimed Monday that IDF soldiers beat to death Mahdi Mizyed, 25, from the village of Anbata, while he was wounded. However, the IDF spokesperson gave the conflicting account that Mizyed had died while preparing an explosive device next to the village of Ramin, east of Tul Karm.

Palestinian witnesses said that they saw four IDF soldiers drag Mizyed from a fig orchard to their jeep before beating him with their rifles for ten minutes, until his crushing his skull and killing him.

An IDF spokesperson refuted this version of events, saying that Mizyed sustained a bullet wound to the head and died instantly. The spokesperson went on to say that a military doctor had pronounced Mizyed dead and that sappers had verified that Mizyed had indeed been preparing an explosive device.

Mizyed's friend, who was with him at the time, was wounded by IDF gunfire, but managed to escape. Mizyed's body was returned to the Palestinian Authority early Monday morning.

The administrator of the hospital in Tul Karm, Dr. Ahmed Abu Baker, claims that examinations of the body indicated that Mizyed was killed after his skull had been crushed. He said that an investiagtion showed that Mizyed had been shot, but, according to the Palestinian physicians, the bullet wounds were not the cause of death.

Dr. Baker also noted that a Red Crescent ambulance was dispatched to the scene after shots were heard, but was denied access by IDF troops.