Alik Ron Found Unfit for Command Duty

The Or commission recommended that Police Major General (ret.) Alik Ron, who served as Northern District commander at the time of the October 2000 disturbances, be barred from holding a top administrative or command job in the security services.

All but one of the 11 allegations against Ron cited in a warning letter sent to him months ago were verified by the Or commission's investigation, the report said. Among other mistakes, the report said that Ron was responsible for the wrongful deployment of police snipers at Nazareth and Umm al-Fahm; the police sharpshooters killed one person, and wounded nine others. "Put together, the facts point to substantive failure in carrying out his duties," the report concluded.

Ron, who resigned from the police last May, said yesterday that he had not had time to study the report's findings. Nonetheless, in interviews last night, he tossed out a few barbs against the committee. "The committee took two and a half years to formulate its recommendations. It will take me less time to respond," he said. In an interview with Channel 10 yesterday, Ron suggested that the establishment of the Or panel was a "gift" from Ehud Barak to the Arab sector, in the hopes of attracting its votes in the 2001 prime ministerial elections.