Arab Officials: Boycott Has Cost Israeli Economy $3 Billion

DAMASCUS - The officials that operate the boycott of Israel by Arab countries said Monday that they had inflicted 3 billion dollars damage on the Israeli economy in the course of a year.

Ending a two-day meeting, a closing statement called upon all Arabs to activate the boycott against Israel and resist the Israeli infiltration into the Arab homeland. "Israel's losses amounted to 3 billion (dollars) per year," Syria's main TV channel asserted in a special report focusing on the Arab boycott.

The statement urged Arabs to reactivate the economic committees existing abroad for the purpose of tracking down foreign companies which do business or support Israel to uncover operations of exporting Israeli goods to Arab countries through verifying documentation of origin. "Companies which are black-listed and are still working in some Arab countries should be contacted and urged to settle their situation according to the defined boycott rules," the statement said.

The statement claimed that the boycott "contributes to restraining the Israeli military machine, which is used against the Palestinian people."