Searching Haaretz Archive

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Searching Haaretz Archive is simple and free You can search multiple text words and ad boolean criteria (such as and, or, not, with), select data parameters, and even search partial words which is extremely useful when looking up names and places.

The Haaretz Archive is a premium pay service Single article retrieval costs just $2.50 , and we offer great value-for-money article packages for regular users:

4 article pack $ 7.00 - You save $ 3.00

10 article pack $16.00 - You save $9.00

25 article pack $30.00 - You save $32.50

100 article pack $100.00 - You save $150.00

All article subscription packs that you buy are valid for a year from the date of purchase Search as you need, when you need.

Unused portions of your articles pack can be activated at your convenience for a period of a year from the date of original purchase. You can always log in to check your personal account status at any time using your private password. All transactions are secure and carry our no quibble money back guarantee.

Remember - searches in the Haaretz Archive are free You only pay for the material that you decide to retrieve in full.

The archive represents a unique collection of Israel-based news material in English and is used by journalists, businesspeople, libraries and researchers across the world. Material is added to the archive each work day. The best way to learn to use the archive is to take it for a test drive.