Likud Beefs Up Campaign Staff With Schwarzenegger Aide

Netanyahu hires political strategist, John McLaughlin, who worked as an aide to California's Governor.

Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday hired American political strategist, John McLaughlin, to work as his party's campaign advisor and pollster in the upcoming general elections.

McLaughlin has worked in the past with senior Republican party members, including California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Also on Wednesday, Netanyahu announced the positions Likud members would be assigned to in the campaign ahead, making MK Yisrael Katz campaign chairman; MK Dani Naveh head of the steering committee; MK Moshe Kahlon chairman of the Election Day committee; MK Gilad Ardan head of the Likud response team and MK Michal Ratzon chairman of the ballot committee.

Netanyahu responded to claims that in comparison to Kadima and Labor, Likud lacked former senior IDF commanders in its Knesset list.

"The right policy is for a civilian to be defense minister...Security isn't achieved just by celebrities. Our generals are excellent, but they are in the army," Netanyahu said.

Former IDF chief, Moshe Ya'alon, recently turned down an offer to join Likud.