Ousted Shinui MK Paritzky to Run for Knesset

Former Shinui MK Joseph Paritzky has announced his intention to run in the upcoming elections under the aegis of a new movement that he calls Tzalash, a Hebrew acronym for the words Zionism, liberalism and equality.

Paritzky was ousted from Shinui in July, 2004 after being caught on tape plotting to incriminate party colleague and rival Avraham Poraz in an illegal deal. Political sources said even if he is not elected to the next Knesset, Paritzky's move would make it possible for him not to be forced to return NIS 600,000 in party funding as well as 13 minutes of election broadcasts on each television channel.

"I decided to run for Knesset in the name of principles I believe in," Paritzky said. "The separation of religion from state, freedom of religion and from religion, and equality of civil rights. I suppose Shinui will reiterate its mantras as if it is fighting for these things and I'll have to show the public the facts of what Shinui did."

Paritzky said his goal was for Shinui not to attain the minimum number of votes needed to get into the Knesset. He says his party (whose name is also the Hebrew acronym for a medal for military valor) is not a "one-man party" and he intends to submit a list that he will be compiling this month. Shinui responded that "Paritzky does not merit a response."