One Killed as IDF Hits Gaza Militant Squad About to Launch Rocket Into Israel

Army spokesman says airstrike hits same crew responsible for Qassam attacks in recent days; IDF: Israel will not suffer attempts to hurt its citizens.

Israeli aircraft struck a Palestinian rocket-launching squad in the Gaza Strip on Friday, amid a string a violent incident along Israel's border with the coastal enclave in recent days.

Palestinians sources said one man was killed in the incident and five were wounded. The wounded were reportedly farmers working nearby.

Gaza strike - AP - 7.4.2011

According to the Israel Defense Forces Spokesman's Office, the militants were spotted and hit as they were about to launch a projectile into Israel, adding that it was the same squad responsible for rocket fire in recent days.

In a statement the IDF said that it would not suffer "any attempt to hurt Israeli citizens and solder and will continues to act against any element which enacts terrorizes against the State of Israel."

On Wednesday, Gaza militants launched rockets into Israel in various times throughout the day, with a total of 4 rockets exploding in open fields in the western Negev. No injuries or damages were reported.

On Tuesday, Israel Air Force aircraft struck Gaza twice, targeting and killing an Islamic Jihad operative in the northern Strip, and later striking a vehicle holding what the IDF called global Jihad operatives. Ten were wounded in both strikes.