Israel's Population Stands at 7.8 Million With 2012 Around the Bend

Year-end Central Bureau of Statistics report shows 166,000 new babies born in Israel throughout 2011, with 17,500 new immigrants arriving.

Israel's population stands at 7.836 million, the Central Bureau of Statistics (ICBS) indicated on Thursday as part of its year-end survey.

According to the ICBS report, Jews comprise 75.3 percent of the country's population, with 5.901 million people, with Arab citizens making up another 20.5 percent, or 1.610 million.

Babies - Ancho Gosh - July 12 2011
Ancho Gosh

Another 4.2 percent of Israel's population, some 325,000 people, is comprised by non-Arab Christians and those whom the Interior Ministry doesn't classified by religion.

The survey also indicated that 2011 saw a 1.8 percent increase in Israel's population – 141,000 people – a rate comparable to the figures of the last decade.

In Israel, 166,800 new babies were born throughout the course of the year, and about 17,500 new immigrants arrived at the country.