Palestinian Factions to Meet in Cairo for Reconciliation Agreement

Hamas, Fatah and Islamic Jihad members due to address issues of elections and restructuring of Palestinian Liberation Organization.

Members of several Palestinian factions are due to meet in Cairo Thursday as part of reconciliation efforts between Fatah and Hamas. The meeting will also be attended by the Islamic Jihad.

Intensive talks have been taking place in recent days in Cairo, leading up to today's meeting where a reconciliation accord is expected to be signed and which will address the issue of elections and the restructuring of the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

Abbas, Meshal - AFP - November 24, 2011

The parties are also expected to agree on renewing the Palestinian parliament's activity in February and setting up an election committee of nine members.

However, the main issue of a unity government is yet to be resolved, and talks on the matter have been postponed to February.

Israel has rejected the reconciliation efforts, refusing to negotiate with a government including Hamas, whose charter calls for the destruction of Israel.