Dozens of Israeli ‘Slutwalk’ Protesters Hit Streets of Jerusalem

'Jerusalem is a special place to hold a Slutwalk,' says march organizer, as dozens of Jerusalem residents gather to protest objectification of women and promote women’s sexual freedom.

Dozens of people gathered on Friday morning in Jerusalem for Israel’s latest “Slutwalk,” or, "Mitzad Sharmutot," in Hebrew. The protesters, most of them young women but also some men, walked from Paris Square to Horse Park in Jerusalem. The worldwide series of marches protests the objectification of women, and the increasing prevalence of sexual harassment

Protesters marched carrying signs bearing slogans such as “I’m a proud slut,” and “Not asking for it,” amid cries of “sluts demand social justice,” and “We’re not weak, we’re not inferior, we won’t be taken advantage of.” Despite controversy surrounding the issues, the march did not receive more than a minimal police presence in the area.

Jerusalem slutwalk - Shiran Granot
Shiran Granot

Or Levy, a 22-year-old Jerusalem resident, who organized Friday’s march, told of an incident that took place three months ago. While Levy was walking in the city in revealing clothing, she was confronted by an ultra-Orthodox woman, who said things like, “you probably have sex with your boss,” among other remarks that Levy described as “belittling and disgusting.”

Levi told Haaretz “That made me realize that we have to do something about this issue. I live in Jerusalem and am harassed on a daily basis, and some would say that is because I dress provocatively. I don’t think there needs to be a connection.” Levy also said that although marches have taken place in different cities in Israel, Jerusalem is a “special place in which to hold a march like this.”

Two months ago, roughly 200 people participated in similar march in Tel Aviv. Such “Slutwalk” marches have taken place in various cities around the world. Toronto activists organized the first “Slutwalk” protest on April 3 2011, in reaction to a Canadian policeman’s statement that "women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized." Some protesters wore minimal dress to make their point.