Lieberman to Promote Bill Ending Yeshiva Students Exemption From IDF Service

Proposal to replace controversial Tal Law will be brought to a vote on Sunday together with another proposal by the Azmaut party.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Thursday he will work towards passing a law that would eliminate exemption from the general draft that Yeshiva students enjoy, under the Tal Law. The proposal would be added to a bill due to be brought to the Ministerial Committee for Legislation for approval on Sunday.

Lieberman spoke at a meeting with leaders of a protest group of reserve soldiers calling for the end of the Yeshiva student exemption. Lieberman called on the protest group to pressure the ministers on the committee to support his legislation.

Avigdor Lieberman meeting with the reserve soldier protest leaders on Thursday.
Olivier Fitoussi

On Wednesday, the Knesset's legal adviser said that moving up Israel's general elections would automatically extend the controversial Tal Law, which exempts ultra-Orthodox yeshiva students from mandatory military service.

On Sunday, the Ministerial Committee for Legislation will also be holding a vote on another piece of legislation, one brought forward by the Azmaut party headed by Ehud Barak, also aimed at replacing the Tal Law.

According to this bill, the Israeli Defense forces will choose whether or not to draft Yeshiva students and requiring those who are not drafted to serve in a one-year civilian service instead.

Lieberman said he would support this bill as well as his own proposal.