Facebook vs. Achinoam Nini

Israeli singer faces boycott calls after performing at an alternative Memorial Day event for Jewish and Palestinian families.

A Facebook group is calling for a boycott of singer Achinoam Nini, who sang last week at an alternative Memorial Day event for bereaved Jewish and Palestinian families.

But Nini isn't taking the criticism lying down. When she learned about the boycott effort on Sunday, she took to her own Facebook page and condemned the calls to shun her for singing "for terrorists on Memorial Day."


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"I'm simply shocked by this stupid and ugly distortion," she posted on Facebook. "I sang at an alternative ceremony, at which Jews and Arabs remember and cry together for their loved ones who died in the ongoing war between us."

"The ceremony was touching," she wrote. "It was all a sign of unity, understanding, empathy and especially peace! If every Arab is a terrorist, then, yes, I sang for terrorists. By the same token, every Israeli is a murderer, no? So I was in good company."

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As of Sunday, the Facebook group calling for the boycott had more than 3,500 members. Its page was full of insulting comments, with some referring to Nini as "Achi-zevel" (zevel is Hebrew for "garbage" ) and "Achi-go'al" (go'al is Hebrew for "disgusting" ).

Some called for a demonstration at the venue of her next performance.

"The intensity surprised me. The style, not at all," said Nini's manager, Ofer Pesenzon. "God help us, this is criticism from the extreme right and by people who don't know what they're talking about."