Iran May Downgrade Ties With EU States Over Decision to Recall Ambassadors

Ahmadinejad warns European nations not to follow in the footsteps of the U.K., which downgraded its relations with Iran following a storming of its Tehran embassy.

Iran may downgrade its diplomatic relations with several other European Union member states after their decision to recall their ambassadors to Tehran in protest at the storming of the British embassy, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned Wednesday.

Ahmadinejad ordered the government to implement a parliamentary bill which calls for a reduction in commercial ties and the downgrading of diplomatic relations with Britain - from ambassador to charge d'affaires level - following London's decision to cut all cooperation with Iranian banks.

ahmadinejad - AP - December 6 2011

His statement added that "the Iranian foreign ministry is also obliged to inform parliament of similar decisions if other ]EU] countries had the same political approach as Britain."

Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands are among the EU member states that were reported to have recalled their ambassadors in solidarity following the ransacking of the British embassy by students loyal to the establishment.

In his statement, Ahmadinejad warned such countries "not to blindly follow" the Britons and not to pursue a course of action which they might regret.

While the Iranian government tried to distance itself from the incident, London responded by closing down the Iranian embassy and expelling all Iranian diplomats.